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Production figures for 2012 & 2013 (please note 2014 figures are published in December 2015)







Production: Weather dependent, the initial estimates for 2014 put Australian production back up at around the 32 Mt mark







Restructure steadies – cane growers are using the latest technology and research findings to increase their productivity, profitability and sustainability









Prices coming off highs, but still strong: Around 80% of Australia’s sugar crop is exported making global sugar prices important to profitability of the industry. 




Light blue bars are forecasted data



World production and consumption





Map of Australian sugarcane growing districts






Ownership of Australian Mills

Based on tonnages processed by mills in 2010

Investors back a bright future for Aussie sugar: International investment in Australian milling assets has increased from close to 15% to about 75% since 2010. At that time there were two main foreign investment interests in Australian sugar mills: Bundaberg Sugar, which has been wholly owned by Belgium-based Finasucre since June 2000 and Thai-based Mitr Phol which has had a stake in MSF Sugar for many years.

Late 2010 saw the takeover of Sucrogen (previously CSR Sugar) by Singaporean agribusiness giant Wilmar (late-2010), followed by the purchase of Mulgrave and Bundaberg Sugar’s far north Queensland mills by Maryborough Sugar Factory. MSF bought about the closure of the Babinda mill, and Thailand’s biggest producer of sugar, Mitr Phol, stepping up its stake in MSF (early-2012). Chinese company COFCO took the controlling interest in Tully Mill (mid-2011) and after a prolonged bidding war, Sucrogen acquired Proserpine Mill (mid-2012). Sugarcane may make a return to the Ord region in Western Australia after the WA government announced Chinese company Shanghai Zhongfu as the key proponent to lease and develop 13,400 hectares in the Kimberley's Ord stage two expansion. The Chinese real estate company plans to build a $450 million sugar mill near Kununurra, which is intended to produce four million tonnes of sugar cane and 500,000 tonnes of export sugar.

It’s not all international investment, we have seen Australian owned Mackay Sugar buy up Australia’s most northern-most mill, Mossman (mid-2012).

List of ownership of Australian sugar mills *Grower owned (Australian) entities


  1. Mossman                       Mackay Sugar (Grower owned limited company)*
  2. Tablelands                     MSF Limited (ex Maryborough Sugar Factory)
  3. Mulgrave                         MSF Limited (ex Maryborough Sugar Factory)
  4. South Johnson              MSF Limited (ex Maryborough Sugar Factory)
  5. Tully                                 COFCO
  6. Mackanade                    Wilmar
  7. Victoria                            Wilmar
  8. Invicta                              Wilmar
  9. Pioneer                           Wilmar
  10. Kalamia                          Wilmar
  11. Inkerman                        Wilmar
  12. Proserpine                     Wilmar
  13. Farleigh                          Mackay Sugar (Grower owned limited company)*
  14. Marion                             Mackay Sugar (Grower owned limited company)*
  15. Racecourse                   Mackay Sugar (Grower owned limited company)*
  16. Plane Creek                   Wilmar
  17. Bingara                            Bundaberg Sugar
  18. Milliquin                           Bundaberg Sugar
  19. Isis                                    Isis Central Sugar Mill*
  20. Maryborough                   MSF Limited (ex Maryborough Sugar Factory)
  21. Rocky Point                     Heck & Sons*
  22. Congdong                      NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative Ltd (Grower owned co-op)*
  23. Broadwater                     NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative Ltd (Grower owned co-op)*
  24. Harwood                         NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative Ltd (Grower owned co-op)*