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SWEET SUCCESS: ONLINE SURVEY University of Southern Queensland

We would like to invite you to take part in the ‘Sweet Success’ research project. This online survey forms part of a larger project aimed at investigating ways to use digital technologies to support and complement existing agricultural extension services. By participating in this project, you will be contributing to the development of new extension tools, tailored specifically for the sugar cane farming industry, to support improved climate risk management, productivity and profitability under climate variability.

We recognise that your time is valuable. Participation in this project will involve:

  • Viewing of up to four short climate risk management ‘discussion support’ tools (virtual world video clips) created specifically for the Australian Sugar cane farming industry; the video clips are each 3–5 minutes long (scroll down to see the four movies below)
  • Completion of an online questionnaire (20-30 minutes to complete)
    Click here to access after you've watched the videos:
  • We estimate that participation will take around 45–50 minutes in total, but participants may leave and return to the survey instrument at any time.

The project is designed to collect information which will enable us to evaluate industry response to these tools to determine:

  • whether they are acceptable to the sugar farming community;
  • whether they are a useful addition to the agri-climate extension toolbox (do they engage the watcher; do they represent real world decisions; do they present information which would assist decision-making; do they encourage the watcher to seek more information); and
  • whether such tools represent a cost-effective addition to the agri-climate extension toolbox

The survey will also collect additional information about you and your farming operations to assist in the analysis and interpretation of the survey results. However, individuals’ responses to this survey will be treated as strictly confidential. Analysis and interpretation of results will be based on aggregated results only, and only these aggregated results will be reported. A unique ID number will be allocated to each survey to enable you to access the survey prior to completion and submission. This code will also ensure that you are able to withdraw your information from the survey at any stage.

Your participation in the survey is of value and greatly appreciated. The more responses we receive the greater confidence we can have in the results; this study will enable researchers to better understand the information needs of the sugar industry and result in improved information products. Apart from the imposition on your time, it is not anticipated that you will be exposed to any significant risks from your participation in this research.

As a thank you for completing this survey, we are entering all participants in a draw to win one of ten $50 vouchers. If you would like to be in the running for one of these, please leave your email address at the end of the questionnaire (this information will not be stored with your survey responses).

Should you have any queries regarding the progress or conduct of this research, please see the contact details below.


M1 - irrigation scenario

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M2 - fertiliser application scenario

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M3 - harvesting scenario

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M4 - planning scenario

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Click here to access the online survey after you've watched the videos:




Project Title:

Investigating the impact of a web-based, 'discussion-support', agricultural-climate information system on Australian farmers' operational decision making

USQ Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Approval Number: H14REA108

Research funding:

This research is supported by the Digital Futures (CRN) Project funded through the Australian Government's Collaborative Research Networks program.

Principal Researchers:

Dr. Roger Stone and Dr. Shahbaz Mushtaq

Other Researchers:

Dr. Kate Reardon‐Smith, Dr. Helen Farley, Mr. Neil Cliffe and Dr. Jenny Ostini

Project contacts:

Dr. Shahbaz Mushtaq (Chief Investigator)

International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences & Digital Futures-CRN

Institute of Agriculture and Environment

University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Phone: 4631 2019


Research ethics:

If you have any ethical concerns with the research or queries about your rights as a participant, please feel free to contact the University of Southern Queensland Ethics Officer:

Ethics and Research Integrity Officer

Office of Research and Higher Degrees

University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Phone: 4631 2690


The University Ethics and Research Integrity Officer is not associated with the research project and will provide an unbiased response to your concern.


  • I confirm that I am over 18 years of age.
  • I confirm that I have not previously completed this survey
  • I confirm that my participation in this survey is entirely voluntary.
  • I understand that I am free to withdraw from the project any stage. If I choose to withdraw, I understand that any information already obtained from me will be destroyed. I also understand that my decision to withdraw will not affect my relationship with the University of Southern Queensland.
  • I understand that information gained during the study may be published, but that I will not be identified in any way and my personal information will remain confidential.
  • I understand that data collected may be used to support and extend further research by the investigators.

Response to the questions in the survey is accepted as an indication of your consent to participate in the research and your agreement to the above.