Biotechnology & GE

GM technology will allow the Australian sugarcane industry to remain globally competitive.

The sugarcane industry will develop GM technology mindful of potential impact on other landholders and users of sugarcane products.  The sugarcane industry will provide choice to producers, supply chain and consumers and will consider market options including segregation and indentity preservation where required.

What you should know
  • There is currently no commercial genetically-modified (GM) sugarcane in Australia
  • There is wide and strong industry support for GM sugarcane adoption
  • GM sugarcane technology is being developed by and for the Australian sugarcane industry
  • The adopted technology will have been tested and approved by the national regulatory framework as safe for the environment and safe for humans
  • GM technology provides many environmental and production advantages for farmers
  • The sugarcane industry is considering its customer and consumer requirements and will develop processes accordingly