On this page you can read about CANEGROWERS work in trade, an enormously important issue for cane growers as around 80% of Australia's sugar production is exported. 



CANEGROWERS has helped reduce trade barriers and increase access to international markets.

Market access & trade barriers: CANEGROWERS is active in trade reform and has achieve some big wins in this area, such as ending EU dumping, and the inclusion of sugar in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and future bilateral trade negotiations.

Level playing field: CANEGROWERS is heavily involved in negotiating trade agreements, fighting for a level playing field for Asutralian sugarcane farmers—the only producers in the world who don’t operate with subsidies or trade and market price supports.

Strong global alliances: CANEGROWERS was a founding member of the Global Sugar Alliance to unite worldwide partners in and further strengthen trade and market negotiations.

Growers can't sell their sugar if they don't have access to international markets.  We also fight to capitalise on growth in world demand



  • Sugar is NOT excluded from any trade agreement – multilateral, regional or bilateral
  • Improved market access provisions for sugar are included in each trade agreement
  • Rules of origin enable Australian sugar to be freely trade having been value added or otherwise transformed in a third country that is also party to a regional trade agreement
  • No country exceeds its WTO commitments on the provision of export subsidies.



The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a multi-lateral trade agreement involving 12 nations (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam).

Australia’s sugar industry is fighting tooth and nail for Australian sugar’s full and rightful inclusion in the TPP, saying a strong TPP is critically important for our home grown industries; none more so than Australian sugar which has often been left disadvantaged by deals cut which have excluded sugar.

The industry is standing firm against protectionist antics used by countries to prop up their sugar industries, distort the world market and at the end of the day reduce Australia’s export earnings.

CANEGROWERS is a firm believer that if the most efficient industries are given an environment to do what they do best, it drives efficiency, effectiveness and innovation. Protecting inefficient industries takes away the revenue and ability from those doing it well.