Finally. Insurance that understands farming.

We have employed a team of qualified insurance professionals to work with growers on their insurance needs and ensure access to the best sugarcane-specific products on the market.

Why farmers are choosing CANEGROWERS Insurance

Local Service

Working on your behalf

  • We provide on farm service for our members, taking the complications out of insurance.
  • Our service is personal and we offer solutions for specific needs.
  • We pride ourselves on having a community focus and understanding local issues.
  • We are INSURANCE BROKERS, owned by CANEGROWERS, working on YOUR behalf.
  • There are NO broker fees (for CANEGROWERS’ members).
  • Access to a diverse market of reputable insurance providers.
Tailored farm products


  • Tailored quality farm insurance products for our members and clients.
  • Designed in partnership with CANEGROWERS for cane growers!
  • For ALL your farm insurance needs.
  • Any commissions/profits are returned to help reduce membership costs.

Professional and dedicated team

  • A team that works with you – the grower – as our sole focus
  • We are experienced insurance representatives located across QLD ready to provide you solutions and assist with claims.


Meet our team of insurance professionals


Far North Queensland
Mossman, Tableland,
Cairns & Innisfail

Phil Stace
M: 0408 630 426  E:

North Queensland
Tully &
Herbert River

Sherese Peckham
M: 0408 535 413  E:

Ayr, Home Hill
Racheal Olsen

P: 07 4790 3605   E:   

Carol Roberts
P: 07 4945 1844  E:
Geoffrey Youngs
M: 0438 787 297  E:
Dorothy Anderson
P: 07 4944 2600  E:
Wide Bay
Bundaberg, Isis &

Colin Mobbs
M: 0418 891 783  E:

Brisbane, Northern NSW/
Rocky Point & Sunshine Coast

Helle Cook
P: 07 3864 6417  E:



Tailoring your insurance to your farm has just become easier

Strong agricultural lobby group CANEGROWERS has set up its own insurance service. We have employed a team of qualified insurance professionals to work with growers on their insurance needs and ensure access to the best sugarcane-specific products on the market. Interested in getting a quote? Call your regional insurance rep today

Download the CANEGROWERS Insurance flyer (480 kb)


Why choose CANEGROWERS Insurance?

  1. Because we are local and work within the cane industry, we know and understand your business.
  2. We are independent, professional, qualified insurance brokers working on your behalf, not working for the insurance company.
  3. We can help members and their businesses to identify risks and decide what needs insuring and what can be managed in other ways.
  4. We offer professional and technical insurance advice which can be particularly useful in the event of a claim.
  5. We will do the shopping around for you by having access to many different insurers and we can recommend a product that best suits your needs.
  6. We can explain the policy wording, benefits and exclusions so they make sense!
  7. We can provide advice on how to make the most of your insurance budget.
  8. We can assist you to in the claims process and with the insurer.
  9. Best of all, we will not charge members a brokerage fee for all of this service.

Recovery & claims advice

The following tips are to assist during claims and disaster recovery circumstances:

  • Make contact with your insurance company as soon as possible after the event to register your intention to claim and seek advice about the claims process. It will assist and may fast track the claims process if a detailed inventory (with photographs) is compiled, eg. if any food has been spoiled.
  • If your home or business property is damaged from a storm or cyclone conduct temporary repairs only – to prevent further damage. Do not conduct major repairs before contacting your insurer. Take photos of the damage before you start repairs.
  • If your assets, such as, furniture, clothing and/or carpets are damaged because of an insurable event remove these items as part of a general clean-up. If possible they should be kept in a safe location so they can be inspected as part of the claims process if necessary.

Are you under-insured?

What is under-insurance? Under-insurance is where you nominate a sum insured for an asset that is too low to actually replace it in the event that it is lost or damaged. In 2005 the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) estimated that 70% of homes were underinsured.

Who is responsible for choosing the level of insurance cover?

You are! Some factors that can contribute to under-insurance are:

  • A gradual accumulation of possessions.
  • Not accounting for upgraded assets eg. after major alterations.
  • Cost or financial prioritisation.
  • Increased building costs.

How is the insurance industry helping?

  • Web calculators - simple to use calculators that provide an estimation of the costs to replace your property, based upon inputs by you. These are a guide only.
  • Comparative estimates - data on the average
  • sum-insured of properties.

Five things to consider

  1. Understand your policy. Is your policy for a fixed sum-insured, a sum-insured plus margin for increased costs, total replacement policy? Is your policy right for you?
  2. Each year, before you renew your policy, review the replacement value of your property and your contents. Adjust your cover accordingly.
  3. Walk through each room of your property and make a list of your contents and their replacement value. Adjust your cover accordingly.
  4. Check rebuilding costs for your property, to do this you can use web calculators offered by many insurers, or you can obtain advice from a local builder.
  5. If you have renovated or improved your property since your policy was taken out, ensure you check your insurance to ensure that the value of the improvements will be included.

Myth busters

1. Insurers never pay claims
WRONG! The financial Ombudsmen Service reports that 98% of all claims are paid without dispute.

2. I have just had a flood through my house and I want to clean up but I can’t until the insurance assessor comes
WRONG! If there are damaged or soiled items on your property that are dangerous or presenting an ongoing health hazard you need to advise your insurance company urgently and they will either remove them or authorise you to do so. They may suggest you take photographs or make a list before disposing of the items.

3. If I have a burglary the insurance company will just replace everything – I won’t have to prove what was taken.
WRONG! An insurer will expect you to be able to prove your loss so keep information on your items like receipts, valuations, photos, serial numbers, instruction booklets etc.

4. I don’t need insurance, I have never had any claims or losses – if I do the government will help me out!
WRONG! Whilst the government has helped out individuals and offered financial assistance to non-insured individuals who are victims of large disaster events, this financial assistance is only small and you cannot rely on this.

5. Once I am insured I don’t have to worry about telling the insurance company anything further.
WRONG! You have a continuous duty to disclose information to the insurer. Before you enter into a contract of general insurance with an Insurer, you must disclose to the Insurer every matter that you know, or could reasonably be expected to know, that is relevant to the Insurer’s decision whether to accept the risk of the insurance, and if so on what terms. You must provide accurate information and not misrepresent the nature of the risk to be insured. This could include who is driving your vehicles and claims, accidents or convictions (including speed camera fines) that you may have had.
The duty also applies also when you seek to renew, extend, alter or reinstate a policy. It applies up to the time the policy is used, renewed, altered or reinstated.


A bit more about CANEGROWERS Insurance

Direct service, tailored to your farm
Under this new direct service through CANEGROWERS, there will be greater flexibility in the choice of underwriter, which brings greater policy choice so growers can tailor their policy to meet their farm business and personal needs.

At this time, when the cost of insurance is on the up-and-up across the board, our new insurance team will help cane growers go through exactly what they need – so your not paying for extras you don’t use or leaving a part of your business exposed. Farming is an uncertain business, and a strong insurance solution is one of the most important decisions that a grower can make to minimise risk.

Why has your CANEGROWERS taken on insurance?
Representing the interests of cane growers in a wide variety of areas is a CANEGROWERS priority, so when the insurance market which was put under enormous pressure after the year in year out stream of large natural disasters started looking at changing their insurance models or withdrawing from higher risk areas altogether, CANEGROWERS came together to look at ways to ensure that its members would retain access to strong insurance coverage.

How we’ve built a strong insurance system
Being able to help cane growers tailor their insurance policy to their farm meant CANEGROWERS needed to build a system which gives members access to a large number of underwriters and comprehensive policy choice.

Each of CANEGROWERS newly employed insurance representatives will use the National Adviser Services (NAS) insurance processing system, to access the range of policies on the market. NAS also runs a comprehensive training and accreditation scheme for insurance representatives, which CANEGROWERS has accessed for its new insurance team. This was seen as an important way to strengthen skills and knowledge to NAS standards, even though the new insurance representatives have bought considerable insurance experience to their new roles with CANEGROWERS.

Shopfront service through CANEGROWERS
The ‘shopfront’ for insurance services to Canepol clients will now be the 14 local CANEGROWERS offices throughout Queensland. These CANEGROWERS offices will now be the first port of call, now CGU has changed its model and closed their offices in cane growing regions.

Canepol continues
The Canepol general insurance scheme will continue. Canepol’s general insurance together with the highly competitive cane crop insurance scheme has been an integral part of CANEGROWERS service to members. CGU has renewed its commitment to continue to underwrite rural insurance particularly domestic and farm property risks in North Queensland where in recent years natural disasters, including cyclones and floods have caused much damage resulting in extensive claims activity and record settlements.

CANEGROWERS is confident that the Canepol scheme presence in the market place will continue to benefit all cane grower members.

True local/state team effort
A close working relationship between CANEGROWERS Queensland and the local CANEGROWERS companies will maintain our commitment and responsibility to members. Greg Trost has been appointed as coordinator to liaise with members, CANEGROWERS offices, insurance representatives and underwriters to ensure a smooth transition to the new servicing arrangements.

Opportunity for commission to help run your organisation
Of course the success of CANEGROWERS involvement in the market is dependent on the patronage of growers.

While CANEGROWERS will have an increased role and responsibility for servicing, processing and administration of the Canepol scheme, commissions will be used to offset the increased operational cost of the CANEGROWERS direct service delivery model to members.

I f you are a Canepol client, at renewal time you’ll be contacted by us
Existing Canepol clients will be contacted by their local CANEGROWERS insurance representative prior to renewal date of their existing insurance policies. If you would like to make an appointment with your local rep, call your local CANEGROWERS office, or look up the insurance representative for your area on this page.

Not a Canepol client? Call us to assess your options
To assess your insurance options, arrange for an obligation-free premium quotation on your insurance requirements by calling your local CANEGROWERS office or looking up the insurance representative for your area on this page.


CANEGROWERS Insurance: Ready to help you when you need it most


The following insurance support measures are put in place by CANEGROWERS Insurance for our members during disaster events:

CGU Claim’s Hotline: 132 480
CGU will have additional staff manning their claims hotline during during extreme weather events 132480.

CGU Claim’s Emergency Response Vans:

CGU’s emergency response claims vans are in position to be moved into any affected areas as soon as it is safe to do so.

CANEGROWERS Insurance team on call:
The numbers for our insurance team are below, and we will get additional people into affected areas as soon as it safe to do so.

Authorised Representative of NAS Insurance Brokers
AFS Licence No: 233750 (ABN 60 096 916 184)