Electricity tariff tool

CANEGROWERS’ handy tariff tool helping YOU to save on electricity!

CANEGROWERS has developed a Tariff Selection Tool to help you understand which electricity tariff is optimal for your pump.
This is especially handy for growers who irrigate their crops, the tool can help you understand if you are on the right tariff and can also help plan farm operating budgets for the next year.

The Electricity Tariff Tool has now been updated for the 2014-15 prices.
CANEGROWERS provides this tool FREE for you to use.

This tool can be used in several ways:
  • Help plan farm operating budgets for the next 12 months.
  • Understand if you are on the wrong tariff and paying too much.
  • Examine the savings of moving energy from peak into off peak times.
  • Examine the savings of using a lower capacity pump.
If you discover you are on the wrong electricity tariff, you should contact Ergon immediately on 1300 135 210 and ask to speak to someone to review your tariff connection.
*Please note: This tool generates an ESTIMATE ONLY. If you are unsure about your results you should contact Ergon (listed above) for more details.

  1. Insert your peak and off-peak use figures (in kWh) per billing quarter into the gold boxes provided.
  2. Nominate your pump capacity (in kWh).
  3. Review the 'Optimal tariff' results!

  Download Electricity Tariff Tool (Excel .ods file)