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Free Market Intelligence Service (Exclusive to CANEGROWERS Members Only)


CANEGROWERS is now the major source of market information in the Queensland sugar industry with a greatly expanded range of services for its members. CANEGROWERS Members can now subscribe to an emailed information service, which includes:

  • A specially commissioned fortnightly CANEGROWERS Market Report prepared for CANEGROWERS by Czarnikow Ltd.
  • The daily sugar and currency market analysis In the Raw, prepared by Warren Males.
  • The LMC quarterly Sugar Price Forecasting Service.

The CANEGROWERS Market Report is unique to CANEGROWERS and will focus on the following topics:

  •  Global factors currently driving the market price higher as well as potential issues that may be limiting prices.
  •  Global production and consumption data with a summary of other key sugar production areas.
  •  A detailed summary of current global trade flows.
  •  A summary of the USD versus the AUD and its current effects on Australian $ returns on sugar against the world market.

The daily market analysis In the Raw is a comprehensive and witty summary of daily price and currency movements, with an analysis of some of the forces behind these movements. 

As these services are contracted with external bodies, CANEGROWERS requires that the intellectual property be protected. Members who receive the material will not be able to distribute or reproduce any information from this service.

The provision of these services is a demonstration of CANEGROWERS’ commitment to assisting growers who wish to understand the dynamics of the market for their sugar, particularly those involved in futures trading. While CANEGROWERS and their information suppliers will not be in the business of providing investment advice, it is very much in the business of providing up to date and relevant information in a language that growers are comfortable with. We will continue to review the suite of material available to growers and are looking forward to feedback on growers’ requirements.


Cane Pricing Options - Risk management

QSL, after extensive negotiation with milling companies, and consistent urging from canegrowers, has developed a number of sugar price pool options.

CANEGROWERS has been pursuing development of these mechanisms to give growers an opportunity to better manage cane price, to be less reliant on the seemingly random fluctuations in futures markets and AUD/USD exchange rates. These options will not necessarily deliver ‘better’ returns but they will give growers a chance to structure their risk.

The pricing options developed by QSL are aimed to better match individual growers differing financial situations and preparedness to take risk. Growers will be able to adopt a conservative approach, be aggressive, commit future year’s production or seek early payment.

More information on the latest pricing options is available on