What is the RWUE initiative?

The Rural Water Use Efficiency for Irrigation Futures (RWUE-IF) initiative helps irrigators make better use of their on-farm water supplies, through efficient irrigation system design and management.
It also helps irrigators reduce the energy consumption associated with their pumping applications.

RWUE-IF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and major rural industries such as the cane industry through CANEGROWERS, where the government provides financial support to support industry groups in providing services to irrigators.
Another component is to fund projects by key irrigation industry and research bodies that provide coordination and technical support, service sector engagement and promote the adoption of new technologies to support the industry programs.

CANEGROWERS, as one of the six main industry groups partnering with the Queensland Government on RWUE-IF, will implement the program via a coordinated communications approach.
It will align the program within its rigorous sustainability portfolio to provide services to irrigators, including:
  • Providing information through workshops, field days, fact sheets and web-based tools on ways to improve water and energy efficiency.
  • Conducting assessments on irrigation and pumping systems to determine their efficiency and to identify where water and energy savings can be made.
  • Offering incentives to irrigators to encourage them to make system and practice changes.
  • Providing advice on managing agricultural wastewater, including the management of nutrients applied through irrigation.
Initial priority will be given to those areas where water allocations are reduced or under stress to assist those irrigators deal with less water available to them.
In some areas impacted by issues such as rising water tables, assistance will be provided to promote sustainable on-farm water use.

Where can I read more?

Following are some RWUE case studies that have been featured in the Australian Canegrower magazine:

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For more information, please contact the RWUE representative at CANEGROWERS, Burn Ashburner.

PH: 07 3864 6474 || E: