Matt Kealley

As the Senior Manager for Environment and Sustainability at CANEGROWERS, Matt's key areas include industry engagement, sustainability, the Great Barrier Reef including water quality issues, incentive programs, regulations, practice change and policy, biosecurity, climate, chemical and fertiliser stewardship and vegetation management.

Matt has an Environmental Science background and a broad base of experience within the biotechnology, environmental, agricultural and communications sectors.

Matt’s early years were spent on water quality and vegetation management in Western Australia. He moved to Queensland in 2004 and has been working within the biotech and agricultural industries on challenging projects that included the registration of new products with the APVMA, the commercialisation of natural insecticides, and the complexities of biofuels, GM crops, and infrastructure within the Australian grains industry.

Matt’s role at CANEGROWERS allows him to deal with a broad range of topics is environment and agriculture. This often means he is in the middle of some pretty challenging problems and complex issues. A lot of them relate to the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Most of them involve change of some kind. All of them have strong views and opinions which need to be considered and brought together to find an answer.

Matt likes to work at the point where farm productivity, grower viability and environmental stewardship meet. He believes this is the definition of agricultural sustainability.

"It’s easy to find the problems – it takes hard work to find the answers and sheer determination to make them work!"