elections triennial - 2013

Results of the the CANEGROWERS 2013 Triennial Elections have been declared. See below for a complete list of all Directors for the next three-year term of office, which commences 1 May 2013.  The below list includes the successful candidates for the four areas in which elections were held (Herbert River, Proserpine, Bundaberg and Rocky Point). 

Mossman - 4
  • Crees Douglas John
  • Fasano Glen Patrick
  • Raldini Carmel Natala
  • Watson Donald Andrew

Tableland -
  • Cabassi Enrico
  • Maisel Thomas Dale
  • Salvetti Maryann
  • Santucci Claudio
  • Singh Rajinder

Cairns Region (
Mulgrave Zone) - 6
  • Day Jeffrey Thomas
  • Dillon James Gerald
  • Ferrando John Peter
  • Gregory Paul llewellyn
  • Hesp Richard James
  • Maitland Neil Warren (Bert)

Cairns Region (
Babinda Zone) - 5
  • Calcagno Stephen
  • Gatti Frank
  • Messina Daniel Michael
  • Stubbs Barry Raymond
  • Zappala Carmelo Alfio

- 5
  • Joseph Marano
  • Sam Spina
  • Frank Fichera
  • Vic Guarrera
  • Wayne Gatters

- 5
  • Condon Christopher Neville
  • Harney Thomas Francis
  • Musumeci Sid
  • Singh Delbag (David)
  • Vasta Joseph

Herbert River -
  • Bosworth    Christopher Alan
  • Cantamessa    Jeffrey Joseph
  • Guazzo    Stephen
  • Marbelli    Steven
  • Pisano    Michael Domenic Vince
  • Russo    Vincent Anthony
  • Tabone    Brian Matthew
  • Torrisi    Salvatore Orazio

Burdekin - 8

  • Jordan Russell John
  • Lando David
  • Marano Philip Mark
  • Menkens Owen Raymond
  • Pilla Steven
  • Piva Roger David
  • Woods Arthur Phillip

- 4
  • Marano Philip Mark
  • Menkens Owen Raymond
  • Piva Roger David

Proserpine -
  • Altmann    Eric Lindsay
  • Blair    William Geoffrey
  • Casey    John Robert
  • Clarke    Glenn Andrew
  • Hinschen    Anthony Quentin
  • Quod    Peter Eric
  • Simpson    Gary William

Mackay (Mackay Area) - 11

  • Blackburn Lee Micheal
  • Bugeja Lawrence Gerard
  • Bussey Edward David
  • Deguara Michael Stanley
  • MacDonald William Andrew
  • Perna Francis Anthony
  • Plath Gregory Peter
  • Schembri Paul Anthony
  • Ross Anthony Douglas
  • Vassallo Paul
  • Vickers Wayne Joseph

Mackay (Plane Creek Area
) - 3
  • Berardi Sergio
  • Borg Kevin Joseph
  • Langdon Malcolm Charles

Bundaberg -
  • Castro    Antonio (Tony)
  • Dingle     Allan William
  • Griffin    Kelvin Arthur
  • Hubert    Jay Wesley
  • Pressler    Mark Andrew

Isis - 5

  • Mackenzie Robert Allan
  • Mammino Salvatore (Mark)
  • McCarthy Geoffrey Gregory
  • McLennan Peter John
  • Russo Joseph John

Maryborough -
  • Atkinson Jeffrey John
  • Birt Allen Keith
  • Cronau Darryl Gordon
  • Otto Alan Mervyn
  • Petersen Ashley Gordon

Rocky Point -
  • Huth    Anthony Ronald (Tony)
  • Mischke    Lindsay Kevin
  • Pahlke    Gavin Edwin
  • Skopp    Richard John
  • Zipf    Gregory John

Article Archive - from Australian Canegrower magazine


  • Nominations open – 1 February 2013
  • Nominations close – 22 February 2013 (5 pm)
  • Official Rolls close – 22 February 2013 (5 pm)
  • Ballot papers posted – 15 March 2013
  • Ballot papers returned – 10 April 2013 (5 pm)
  • Counting of votes – 12 April 2013
  • Election results declared – 15 April 2013
  • Term of office for elected Directors commences – 1 May 2013

Nominations for the CANEGROWERS 2013 Triennial Elections closed 22 February. CANEGROWERS Returning Officer Ron Mullins (pictured) reported that 90 nominations were received for the 87 Director and Area Committee positions that are available on local CANEGROWERS Company Boards and Area Committees.

Mr Mullins said that of the 15 elections scheduled, four will require a ballot by members to complete the election process.

The Companies and Cooperative elections involved in the ballot process are Herbert River, Proserpine, Bundaberg and Rocky Point.

A total of 31 candidates are contesting the 25 positions to determine the makeup of these four Boards for the next three year term.

“Eleven elections were completed at the close of nominations which means that 59 candidates have been elected unopposed,” he said.

Mr Mullins said that for the Burdekin and Inkerman companies the number of nominations received was one less than the required number of candidates to fill the positions available, and therefore the relevant companies have been invited to consider the appointment of eligible nominees to meet the requirements of their respective company constitutions.

For those elections requiring ballot papers to complete the process, the ballot papers are being prepared for mailing to the members in those areas and these ballot papers will be mailed to members by 15 March with members having to complete and return ballot papers to the Returning Officer by 5 pm on 10 April 2013.

Candidates and members may inspect the official rolls for each Company or Cooperative by contacting the local CANEGROWERS office.

The election votes will be counted on 12 April 2013 at CANEGROWERS Brisbane with the results to be declared on 15 April 2013. Listed are the nominees for each Company or Cooperative:
  • Mossman CANEGROWERS Limited  ACN 111 943 616;
  • Tableland CANEGROWERS Limited  ACN 114 759 376;
  • CANEGROWERS Cairns Region Limited  ACN 111 567 429;
  • Tully Cane Growers Ltd  ACN 112 000 414;
  • Herbert River District Cane Growers Organisation Limited ACN 106 007 925;
  • CANEGROWERS Burdekin Limited  ACN 114 632 325;
  • Proserpine District Canegrowers Cooperative Limited ABN 41 948 426 763;
  • Mackay Canegrowers Limited  ACN 111 817 559 (Mackay Area Committee and Plane Creek Area Committee);
  • Bundaberg CANEGROWERS Limited  ACN 110 868 801;
  • CANEGROWERS Isis Limited  ACN 110 648 041;
  • Maryborough Canegrowers Limited  ACN 111 775 583; and
  • Rocky Point District Cane Growers Organisation Ltd ACN 111 827 251.

Ron Mullins
Returning Officer
GPO Box 1032 Brisbane Qld 4001

More information - archived posts

CANEGROWERS Queensland will be conducting 16 of the 17 state-wide elections, with Innisfail to conduct their elections locally.

'Members wishing to nominate for director or Area Committee positions for the 3-year term of office (2013-2016 have until 5 pm on Monday, 22 February 2013 to submit a nomination,' said returning officer Ron Mullins.

'All members are encouraged to consider how they can participate in the running of the CANEGROWERS local companies. The CANEGROWERS organisation is strong because it represents the interests of its grower members, and its members are actively encouraged to seek nomination for leadership roles within the organisation,' said Mr Mullins.

'Of course, each CANEGROWERS directors’ election is a democratic process which seeks to have the best candidates nominate based on merit, with eligible growers, both men and women, of all ages being encouraged to nominate as candidates for these important CANEGROWERS elected positions,' he said.

Mr Mullins is working with each CANEGROWERS local company for the preparation of the official roll for the election process. 'Members are urged to ensure that their membership records are up to date. The official roll for each election is to be finalised by 5 pm on Monday, 22 February 2013,' he said.

Mackay has consolidated its local process and will now elect 11 Committee representatives for a single Mackay Area zone, replacing the former four zones in the Mackay Area (Farleigh, Marian, Pleystowe and Racecourse).

The streamlined process gives one vote to growers who have farms in the same name in more than one of the former four zones. Previously growers held one vote per farm held in the same membership name in each of the prescribed zones. The Plane Creek Area Committee election requires four representatives to be elected.

'On completion of the Area Committee elections, the local Mackay Company will conduct appointments for the nine-person directorship for Mackay Canegrowers Limited from the elected representatives, with seven directors coming from the Mackay Area and two from the Plane Creek Area.

These appointments are scheduled to be completed prior to the commencement of the next term of office on 1 May 2013,' said Mr Mullins.

'Innisfail is to be conducted as part of the company Annual General Meeting or General Meeting scheduled to be held in April 2013. The number of directors required for this election is five,' said Mr Mullins.

Sixteen of the total of 17 CANEGROWERS local elections are to be run simultaneously using the same timetable.

Growers seeking further information on the election requirements or process should contact their local CANEGROWERS office or the Returning Officer, Ron Mullins, on 1800 177 159