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Cane Harvest 2012 Employment | Be part of Australia’s dynamic sugarcane industry

Below are the types of harvest jobs available, but if you are looking for training in the agricultural sector click here to download a pdf of courses available through the Australian College of Agriculture >

Cane Haulout Operators
There is currently a very high demand for seasonal haulout operators throughout all sugarcane growing districts.
This is a great opportunity for enthusiastic career minded workers. You will need to be passionate about your work and able to work in a team environment. The harvest season is a dynamic period of up to 24 weeks – usually between about June and December – and is dependent on crop production.

Experience in machinery operation will be an advantage but not essential. The ability to learn quickly and remain focused on operating and maintaining cane haulage vehicles is of paramount importance. Licence requirements are listed below.

Cane haulage vehicles include tractors and trailers, infield transporters and trucks. Harvesting crews generally comprise a harvester operator and two or more haulout drivers working together to harvest and deliver sugar cane from the field to a designated delivery point for transportation by the local sugar millers to the factory for processing into raw sugar.

Employees need to have a good work ethic and able to work under general supervision, competently operating vehicles hauling cane and servicing, maintaining, minor repairing, adjusting cane haulage vehicles and equipment are the typical tasks.

Record keeping of the grower’s cane harvested and delivered is an important task requiring accuracy.
Working in conjunction with fellow harvesting crew members and following enterprise guidelines, policies and safety procedures ensures proficient and effective working arrangements.

If you are the holder of a current Queensland Transport UD or HR drivers licence and are skilled and enthusiastic with a strong commitment to working for the 2012 harvest season, please use our menus above to register your interest with

  • A local office in the area you are interested in
  • Our online jobs noticeboard
  • Or contact a recruitment agency


LICENCES (more information coming soon!)

Licence requirements for cane haulout drivers are:
• HR (Heavy Rigid)
• UD (undefined)
• HC (Heavy Combination) or
• MC (Multi Combination)

Heavy Rigid (HR)
How to obtain a Heavy Rigid (HR) licence:
- Cost for learners licence is $19.15 - apply to local Police Station to complete the Learners test.
- Cost for full HR licence is $44.95 – but the course which must be completed is around $2500

UD (Undefined)
Courses for UD licences are run regionally. The next training is scheduled in:
Mackay  |  Call 07 49442614 for information (Monday 30 April-Friday 4 May & Friday 4 May-Friday 11 May)