New push on power costs welcome

New push on power costs welcome
July 10 2017

New push on power costs welcome

CANEGROWERS has welcomed the Liberal National Party’s renewed commitment to work on addressing spiralling electricity and water costs in Queensland.

“Since the electricity pricing system changed nine years ago, our cane farming members have seen their power costs go up 130%,” CANEGROWERS CEO Dan Galligan said.

“No matter how efficient you are, how much you invest in new irrigation technology and equipment, no business can remain viable while wearing this sort of ongoing impost.”

CANEGROWERS is pleased to be invited to join the LNP’s Agriculture Energy and Water Council along with the Queensland Farmers’ Federation and AgForce.

“We have a body of research and investigation to contribute to the Council along with the very real experiences of our members struggling to remain profitable as their electricity costs rise.

“We don’t need assistance – we need the electricity pricing system to be overhauled to make it truly cost-reflective,” Mr Galligan said. “All of Queensland will benefit from this.

“To be effective, this re-established Council will have to do more than discuss and deliberate, it must come up with solid recommendations which can be turned into action by an LNP government, should Queensland have one after the next election.”