March workshops to keep northern cane industry moving

March workshops to keep northern cane industry moving
March 1 2018

March workshops to keep northern cane industry moving

A series of CANEGROWERS workshops in March aims to keep large farm machinery moving through the complex map of rules and regulations for accessing public roads.

“We have many members who need to cross or travel on public roads to get their machinery from farm to farm and paddock to paddock,” CANEGROWERS CEO Dan Galligan said. “They need to do that safely, efficiently and legally.

“But the rules are different for different size vehicles in different areas of the sugarcane industry, depending on the public road they need to use.

“With the responsibility for issuing permits set to move from Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator in the next few months, the time is right to make sure our members know what to do to comply in the most practical way possible.

“Safety is the first priority, so CANEGROWERS has organised a series of two-hour grower workshops in sugarcane areas from Mackay to Mossman.”

Staff from the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator along with officers from the Queensland Police Service will attend the meetings to explain the regulations, answer questions and hear first-hand how the rules impact on the day to day activities of farmers.

Among the topics to be covered at the workshops will be an explanation of the Guideline for agricultural vehicles up to 3.5 metres in length, the various gazetted notices which apply in different regions for machinery over 3.5 metres in length and the new permit application system via the NHVR and its online portal.

“I urge all CANEGROWERS members needing to cross or use public roads with oversize agricultural vehicles to attend to make sure they are meeting their legal obligations,” Mr Galligan said.

“With the cooperation of the relevant authorities and the commitment to safety from our members, we can ensure that our $2 billion industry can continue to operate efficiently and safely.”

The workshops are free. CANEGROWERS members wishing to attend should contact their local district office or see local newsletters for further details.  Further workshops will be planned for southern growing regions, such as Bundaberg.