Call for nominations: CANEGROWERS Elections 2019

Call for nominations: CANEGROWERS Elections 2019
January 29 2019

2019 is election year for CANEGROWERS and members are being urged to nominate for more than 80 representative positions in all sugarcane growing regions of Queensland.

“CANEGROWERS has a proud tradition of grassroots grower involvement,” CEO Dan Galligan said. “I am calling on all members who want a front seat to contribute to the activities and direction of their organisation and industry to stand up, speak out and get involved.”

The CANEGROWERS election process happens every three years. Every eligible member can nominate for a position on the board of their local organisation and every member can vote.

“We want men and women of all ages to put their names forward so our boards are truly representative of the amazing people who make up the Queensland sugarcane industry,” Mr Galligan said.

“I often hear people say, ‘What would I know? I'm just a farmer' but the truth is that our grower members and their families know a lot about their industry and their businesses and together they can achieve a lot to address the issues that affect our industry both now and in the future.”

The 13 district CANEGROWERS organisation boards then send representatives to the 21-member CANEGROWERS Policy Council which elects our 8-member State Board.

“This Policy Council discusses, learns and decides on some complex issues of policy, science and strategy,” Mr Galligan said. “But its work is built on an overwhelming sense of collaboration and unity, acknowledging that together we can further as an industry”

“The issues discussed are those affecting farmers right across the state and, as individuals, everyone is confronting them and has a perspective to bring.”

Drew Watson who is stepping down after almost 30 years representing fellow growers in the Mossman region is keen for new faces to take up the opportunity.

“There will always be challenges for our industry and I believe the best way to have some control is to be inside the tent and have a voice,” he said.

“You work hard at your business so you have skin in the game and know the direction the industry should be heading. In the process you’ll make some great friends and life-long relationships have been formed around the CANEGROWERS tables.”

Nominations are open from 28 January to 18 February 2019. After that, ballots will be conducted and CANEGROWERS members should contact their local office to ensure their contact details are correct for that process.

The new boards will begin their terms on 1 May 2019 and serve for three years.