CANEGROWERS members elect grower leaders

CANEGROWERS members elect grower leaders
April 16 2019

The CANEGROWERS Elections 2019 process has confirmed 86 men and women will take on a three-year term representing their fellow sugarcane growers.

Held every three years, the process allows every eligible CANEGROWERS member to nominate for a board or committee position across the organisation’s 13 district companies.

“I would like to congratulate all of the Directors elected to positions this year,” CANEGROWERS CEO Dan Galligan said. “Equally I thank and acknowledge all those who participated by nominating for a position and everyone who voted.

“It is through active, robust and engaged participation from our members that we can deliver on our promise to the industry of an organisation that works on behalf of growers by working with growers.

“Having farmers and their families as our advocates is our unique and most powerful advantage and through this election process we have seen a great enthusiasm to be a part of an organisation that can make a difference.

“The staff of all of the CANEGROWERS offices look forward to working with the incoming Boards over the next three years.”

The new boards and committees will begin their term on 1 May. The final step in the CANEGROWERS Elections 2019 process is a Policy Council meeting to which every district will send a delegate in May at which the QCGO Board and CANEGROWERS Chairman for the next three years will be determined.

A complete list of elected growers is on the CANEGROWERS website.