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Sugarcane is grown along a 2,000 km stretch of Australia's east coast by around 4,000 farmers. It's harvested and sent to sugar mills where the juice is extracted and made into raw sugar crystals. Around 80% of the raw sugar is exported to countries including Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

What happens along sugarcane's journey from the paddock to your plate?

Follow the Journey of the Jellybean by downloading the information sheet below and watch the five minute video on YouTube.



How are sugarcane growers minimising their impact on water quality for the Great Barrier Reef?

Let our growers show you some of the practices they've adopted on their farms to reduce runoff and keep fertilisers in the crop.

You can find more information about the industry on the Industry info & links page, by reading about our Key Issues or contact us with a specific question.

There are also three colouring sheets and a maze to print off.