Joseph Marano

Joseph Marano is the Chairman of CANEGROWERS Innisfail and represents cane growers in the Innisfail district on the CANEGROWERS Queensland Policy Council. He is a Director on the QCGO board. He is the Chairman of the CANEGROWERS Environment and Sustainability Policy Committee.

Along with family farms covering 390ha, Joseph runs contract harvesting and planting businesses in the Mourilyan district. He has served on many State and local committees and is currently the Chairman of the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership as well as the Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project.

He was a driving force behind the Cane Changer project and a panel member of the steering committee and an industry representative on the Sugar Research Australia Harvester Research Management Group.

Joseph’s family farming business is Smartcane BMP accredited and he has been an active participant in government programs to change practices for improved water quality for the Great Barrier Reef.