Burn Ashburner

As the Senior Manager – Industry, Burn focuses on economic and technical advice to develop policy on issues from growing, harvesting and transport to milling and marketing.

Burn has been involved in sugarcane for most of his working life and has a wide range of knowledge and understanding of growers' issues. He is well known within the Australian sugarcane industry, particularly in the Mackay area, having spent eight years as General Manager of the Mackay Area Productivity Services (MAPS) and two years with CANEGROWERS Mackay as Business Manager, a job he took upon emmigrating to Australia in 2001.

While in South Africa, Burn had spent 13 years as an Agricultural Economist with South African Canegrowers and nine years as a consultant mostly within the sugar industry.

Burn has a good understanding of cane growing economics and the drivers of productivity at a farm and mill area level and has a wide range of experience across the value chain.

He has an Agricultural Management (honours) degree and has completed a post graduate advanced business programme.