Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper, solicitor and principal of C.J. Cooper and Associates, provides legal services to CANEGROWERS and individual growers.

Chris has extensive personal experience in the sugar industry having been raised on a cane farm in the Moreton area and, as CANEGROWERS legal consultant since 1983, regularly travels to all cane regions.

For CANEGROWERS, Chris covers corporate governance matters, company constitutional issues, membership issues, company corporate compliance issues, property management and related issues, not for-profit issues.

He also provides advice and services to individual members of CANEGROWERS. General legal advice and consultation over the phone is a free service to members.

Some of the topics growers call about include property transactions, disputes over dividing fences, straying cattle and machinery repairs, flooding, chemical spraying liability, native title and disputes with mills.

In some matters, where there are ongoing legal services required, and where the issue in question might be helpful as a test case or precedent for CANEGROWERS or other growers, Chris can provide legal services free to growers as part of his retainer agreement with CANEGROWERS.

The firm’s practice is not just restricted to the sugar industry. Chris also represents a diverse range of clients in other rural industries and in various other commercial areas of law including dispute resolution, resumption and compensation claims and property transactions.

If you are a CANEGROWERS member with legal questions or issues and would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact Chris directly or through your local CANEGROWERS office.