Ongoing vigilance by industry is important to protect the Australian sugarcane industry from the entry, establishment and spread of exotic plant pests and diseases. 

Under new legislation in Queensland and New South Wales, everyone has a responsibility for the biosecurity risks under their control.  The Australian sugarcane industry takes biosecurity very seriously and is well prepared for incursions and can quickly respond to biosecurity risks to production.

CANEGROWERS works for growers on a number of levels on biosecurity issues that affect cane:

CANEGROWERS working with Plant Health Australia and Sugar Research Australia have produced an Industry Biosecurity Plan for the Sugar Industry which identifies the highest risk pests and diseases and outlines the procedures and resources that are available in case of an incursion.

Being prepared for an incursion of an exotic pest or disease will allow the industry to manage the threat and risk to production.  If you have spotted anything unusual call the exotic plant pest hotline on 1800 084 881