A commitment to research, development and extension will keep Australia's sugarcane industry productive, profitable and competitive.

Download the CANEGROWERS Position Statement on Research, Development and Extension.

CANEGROWERS strongly supported the establishment of the industry-owned organisation Sugar Research Australia in 2013 to be the major funder and provider of research and development in the sugar industry. It is funded by grower and miller levies and the Federal and Queensland governments.

CANEGROWERS maintains close links and involvement in SRA, participating in committees and reviews. This includes determining its direction and priorities through reviewing its Strategic Plan and being involved in the Production Research Advisory Committee.

CANEGROWERS ensure the grower perspective is heard in the review of the economic weightings for the determination of the relative economic genetic value (rEGV) used in SRA’s plant breeding program.

After the 2015 Queensland election, annual funding to SRA was reduced from $4.05 million to $2.85 million. CANEGROWERS is lobbying to have that funding reinstated and for government, SRA and industry research priorities to be more closely aligned and coordinated.

CANEGROWERS supports the ongoing work of district productivity services organisations and encourages the co-ordination of extension activities and efforts across a range of providers where possible.

CANEGROWERS is the lead agency for EEF60, a government-funded assessment of enhanced efficiency fertilisers which will run until 2021.