CANEGROWERS is fighting for an electricity generation and distribution system that efficiently, sustainably and affordably delivers electricity to Queenslanders.

Competitively priced electricity promotes the growth and development of irrigated agriculture and secures jobs in regional communities.

Over the past nine years, electricity costs have risen more than 130%, threatening farm productivity and competitiveness.

At the same time, Ergon, Energex and Powerlink have been earning record profits and contributing $1.3 billion to the Queensland Government.

CANEGROWERS is calling for a 30% reduction in electricity prices, from 2015-16 levels. The CANEGROWERS Position Statements on Electricity and the the Water, Energy and Productivity nexus are available for download.

Tackling electricity sector reform is complicated. There are many different decision makers at the state and federal level with differing motivations and objectives. At every opportunity, CANEGROWERS is making submissions, appearing at hearings and putting forward the case for change.

CANEGROWERS commissioned and released a report by Hugh Grant in April 2018 which revealed $47 of every $100 paid by Queensland businesses and households in network charges goes to the State Government. Over the previous three years the Government had extracted more income than the networks had created. 

In February 2017, CANEGROWERS launched a report by the Sapere Group which exposed serious errors in the Australian Energy Regulator's draft decision on Ergon Energy's tariff proposals including summer peak tariffs and inclining block tariffs.

Validating CANEGROWERS work, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s review of electricity along with other experts have also shone a light on the flaws in Australia’s regulatory pricing framework.

CANEGROWERS is an active member of the Queensland Industry Energy Alliance along with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland and Queensland Farmers Federation, launching five policy recommendations to place downward pressure on prices during the 2017 Queensland State Election campaign.

CANEGROWERS participates in the Australian Agricultural Industries Energy Taskforce, calling for lower and efficient electricity prices for food and fibre production, and is a member of the AER’s Customer Reference Group reviewing the Rate of Return guideline.

CANEGROWERS supports efforts to identify on-farm energy efficiencies as these have the potential to deliver savings to individual growers.

Energy Savers is a project of the Queensland Farmers’ Federation funded by the Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The project is producing case studies of more than 130 audits of on-farm irrigation and processing systems are being conducted throughout Queensland to assist farmers to identify suitable energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities.