New Smartcane phone app

Growers registered for Smartcane BMP can now access a free phone app to make collecting and uploading farm records a breeze. Read more

Hoods are in fashion for Reef Heroes

Our latest Reef Hero is Victor Guarrera, one of the many growers who's using a shielded sprayer to cut his herbicide use and minimise the chance of runoff and spray drift. Read more

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We welcome Qld Govt plan to look into biofuels - #ethanol can help build a sustainable future for sugarcane growers

Sugarcane | An important rural industry for Australia

  • 3rd largest raw sugar supplier in world
  • 7th largest agricultural exporter in Australia
  • 80% exported
  • $1.7 - $2 billion value of production
  • 30-35 Mt cane
  • 4-4.5 Mt raw sugar
  • 4000 cane farm businesses
  • 24 sugar mills
  • 6 bulk storage ports