CANEGROWERS members work under a range of gazetted notices and permits to move their oversize and mass agricultural vehicles on and over public roads in the cane growing regions of Queensland.

CANEGROWERS ensures this access is maintained as state and federal governments review legislation and regulations – lobbying for improved access and against any moves which may limit farming activity and viability with no benefit to public safety. The CANEGROWERS Position Statement on Transport is available for download.

The transfer of permitting responsibilities to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and subsequent devolving of this to Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has led to some confusion and CANEGROWERS has worked with these bodies to clarify and maintain access for growers.

Gazetted notices have been negotiated for over-width agricultural vehicles to provide access without the need for individual permits.

These guides and information booklets are available on the Member Resources page or by emailing CANEGROWERS:

  • Regulatory Requirements for access to different road classes in Queensland
    What notice or permit do I need? This handy interactive table will link you directly to the relevant government department or agency.
  • Operating guidelines for the Movement of over-width Agricultural Vehicles and Combinations in the Queensland Sugarcane Industry 2016
  • 2013 Road Safety Operating Manual for Sugarcane Haulage Trucks using Flotation Tyres
  • 2013 Guidelines for Loading of Sugar Industry Cane Haulage Units for Travel on Public Roads