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Cane regions off the drought list

21 May 2018

The Queensland Government has revoked drought declarations covering all or part of 11 local government areas including sugarcane growing regions,...

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Poster prize at ASSCT

24 April 2018

CANEGROWERS has won a prize for a poster and presentation at the 2018 Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists conference in Mackay in...

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Workshops keep ag vehicles moving

6 April 2018

More than 140 members from Mackay to Mossman have attended a series of CANEGROWERS transport workshops designed to explain how oversize agricultural...

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Sugar: we're making more and eating less

26 March 2018

As an economist, CANEGROWERS Head-Economics Warren Males likes numbers. So during the debate about a sugar tax, he's been collecting some numbers...

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LETTER to the Editor - Power prices

2 March 2018

Farmers demand power price answer On behalf of Queensland’s farmers using irrigation, I am demanding an answer. Why, in its draft...

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LETTER to the Editor - Reef science

12 February 2018

Reef science questions concern farmers Sugarcane growers up and down the Queensland coast are concerned about the questions around the integrity of...

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How to keep a sugar market edge

28 January 2018

Australia’s sugar industry needs to remain focused on continuing production and sustainability gains as smaller sugar-producing nations look to...

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Election: What do the parties say?

23 November 2017

In this 2017 Queensland State Election campaign, CANEGROWERS has urged the political parties to commit to actions which will secure the livelihoods of...

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Strong voice with a bright future

14 November 2017

Chairman Paul Schembri has told the CANEGROWERS Annual General Meeting that the past year has emphasised the importance of a strong, united and...

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Alliance demands energy action

8 November 2017

As the Queensland election battle intensifies, three of the peak bodies representing business have combined to make sure that the issue is acted on by...

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Queensland State Election 2017

30 October 2017

CANEGROWERS is urging Queensland’s political parties to adopt a list of clear policy commitments to secure a prosperous future for cane farming...

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It's safe! Code survives Senate challenge

19 October 2017

A vote of 37-18 has emphatically ended the bid by a New South Wales Senator to disallow the Sugar Industry Code of Conduct. The result is a big relief...

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Wet Tropics growers embrace Cane Changer

10 October 2017

Project Cane Changer is a CANEGROWERS initiative that works with growers to recognise, value and accelerate their efforts to adopt farming practices...

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Cane fires burning in 2017

22 August 2017

There's more smoke on the horizon in the 2017 Australian sugarcane season than for many previous years as growers who have been cutting green for...

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New funds to tackle fire ants

4 August 2017

CANEGROWERS joined a coalition of conservation, community and farming organisations urging a July meeting of the Agriculture Minister's Forum to...

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Minister signs cane industry commitment

20 July 2017

A Queensland State Government minister put his signature on a commitment to the sugarcane industry at the July 2017 meeting of the CANEGROWERS Policy...

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Introducing EEF60: cane farm fertiliser trials

20 June 2017

CANEGROWERS has been awarded a contract to run a series of 60 on farm trials of enhanced efficiency fertilisers and is now looking for growers to host...

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Innisfail board proves its water quality credentials

20 June 2017

All five members of the CANEGROWERS Innisfail Board have achieved Smartcane BMP accreditation, the first CANEGROWERS district to achieve...

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Aerial bid to control rats in sugarcane

19 June 2017

Rats are one of the cane industry's most persistent pests, costing growers millions in lost revenue each year. CANEGROWERS has gained approval for...

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