Move against Reef regs welcome

Move against Reef regs welcome
May 19 2020

CANEGROWERS welcomes the attempts by the Queensland Opposition to halt the implementation of further, intrusive regulation on the state’s sugarcane growers.

“We’ve spent a decade arguing that the regulation of farm practices, wielding a big stick against growers, is counter-productive to delivering a sustainable future for both the Great Barrier Reef and the sugarcane industry,” CEO Dan Galligan said.

“Our members are achieving great things through voluntarily committing more than 70% of the state’s cane farm land to best practice through the globally-recognised accreditation program Smartcane BMP.”

CANEGROWERS believes the best way forward is to recognise the achievements of the sugarcane industry and build on them by working with, and not against, farmers and communities.

“We welcome the commitment of the LNP Opposition to striking a better balance,” Mr Galligan said.