Programs & projects

Smartcane BMP is the sugarcane industry's voluntary best practice program. Its three core modules cover soil health and nutrient management, irrigation and drainage and weed, pest and disease management. Smartcane BMP is a pathway to recognition under Bonsucro, the international standard for sustainable sugar.

Growers accredited in the core modules of Smartcane BMP are deemed by the Queensland Government to be meeting its requirements under regulations to protect the Great Barrier Reef, recognising that they are demonstrating environmental stewardship for water quality.


Project Cane Changer is designed to recognise Queensland’s sugarcane farmers for their positive farming practices and contribution to protecting the Great Barrier Reef. Funded by the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, the project is driven by CANEGROWERS, in partnership with human behaviour experts, Behaviour Innovation.


Rural Water Use Efficiency for Irrigation Futures is a Queensland Government program managed by CANEGROWERS for the sugarcane industry. Growers in rising groundwater areas have been able to access incentives for improving irrigation systems to reduce deep drainage and establish conjunctive use dewatering bores. Productivity services have had funding available to support growers with irrigation decision support information. RWUE-IF has supported the production of CANEGROWERS Virtual Bus Tour videos.


Enhanced Efficiency Fertilister Trials
CANEGROWERS has been awarded a contract to run a series of 60 on farm trials of enhanced efficiency fertilisers. Dubbed EEF60, the project will run across three growing seasons in a bid to identify if they can meet the aims of improving nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) while reducing losses without impacting farm profitability or productivity. Working with Sugar Research Australia, the sites are being for a variety of soil and climatic conditions to host the controlled and replicated field trials with 30 sites to be in the Wet Tropics region, 15 in the Burdekin, 10 in the Central Region and 5 in the Southern growing region.


Australian Government Reef Programme (formerly Reef Rescue) and Reef Trust


Reef Alliance


Queensland Government Reef Water Quality Programme