Our formal name is Queensland Cane Growers Organisation Ltd (QCGO) but everyone knows us as CANEGROWERS. We have been advancing and protecting the interests of cane farming families in Queensland since 1926.

CANEGROWERS is a not-for-profit public company providing a professional and cohesive voice for the members of 13 local grower companies, located in all of the sugarcane regions of Queensland. Find our offices here.

CANEGROWERS members have large and small farms, are individuals, families and corporate bodies. We draw on this diversity as we set priorities to achieve our vision of a secure and profitable future.

The strength of CANEGROWERS is our capacity to stand shoulder to shoulder and ensure the voices of growers are heard in our communities, by government and in international forums.
Paul Schembri, CANEGROWERS Chairman (2013-2022)

Grower involvement extends from local committees through state and national bodies to reach internationally. Members elect a local board and each board appoints representatives to the statewide Policy Council and QCGO Board

Through these bodies, grower members determine CANEGROWERS policy, which is implemented by staff in our offices in Brisbane and across the state.

CANEGROWERS is actively involved in the World Association of Beet and Cane Growers, the Queensland Farmers' Federation and the National Farmers' Federation along with industry bodies the Australian Sugar Industry Alliance and the Australian Cane Growers' Council.

Our Vision
To ensure a secure and profitable future for growers

Our Mission
CANEGROWERS provides representation, leadership and services, and promotes unity in the interests of its members

Our Goals
Assist in maximising grower efficiency and profitability
Contribute to long-term industry efficiency
Enhance organisation effectiveness
Develop a positive external environment for cane growers
Recognise and manage diverse grower needs while maintaining organisation unity
Provide a foundation and structure for future industry development and planning

Our Values
Accountability to our members
A focus on issues relevant to our members
Credibility, integrity and professionalism
Open and effective communication between growers, organisation units and external publics
Community consciousness