Growers, research and the Reef

Growers, research and the Reef

An interactive map of Queensland captures the diversity of collaborations between cane growers and scientists working together to improve reef water quality over the past decade.

CANEGROWERS is pleased to showcase around 50 Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) projects underway or completed in Queensland's cane farming districts that have been helping to reduce the amount of nutrient and pesticide run-off into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon since 2008.

The Sugarcane RD&E and the Great Barrier Reef Interactive Story Map covers the topics of water quality and monitoring; soil and nutrient planning; chemical use; and Smartcane BMP and other projects.

The sugarcane industry and our grower members have been actively engaged in a variety of reef initiatives over the years, including the Federal Government's Reef Rescue and Reef Trust and Queensland Government-funded programs, which have led to positive industry collaboration, innovation and on-farm best practice management changes.

With over 35% of Queensland's cane area managed by Smartcane BMP accredited growers, CANEGROWERS believes growers are serious about water quality for the Reef and should be recognised for their contribution.

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