FREE crop insurance for members 

CANEGROWERS Queensland is providing free crop insurance to members* for the 2024 season. Growers will have access to an indemnity level of $35 per tonne, with nil excess. The premium will be paid by CANEGROWERS on behalf of members and will cover members against fire, hail, or transport-related losses to their crop. This initiative is designed to give members peace of mind that their crop is covered, while also lowering operating costs for growers. 

For further information contact your local CANEGROWERS office or call 07 3864 6444.

*After 100,000 tonnes a premium will apply to growers, current CGU policy PDS/Wording and terms and conditions will apply.


Access the best cover options on the market

Queensland is a beautiful place to live, but it can also be volatile and unpredictable. Making sure you have the right insurance cover is so important.

CANEGROWERS has a team of qualified insurance professionals ready to work with you on all of your insurance needs.




Dedicated Team

  • Experienced insurance representatives located across Queensland.
  • We work with you, offering a personalised service.

Our Service

  • Identify your risk and provide you with general advice.
  • Review your insurances on an annual basis. 
  • Negotiate renewal terms with existing and/or other providers.
  • Make changes/updates to your current policies.
  • Assist with the lodgement of claims and monitoring settlement of the claims.  
  • Provide professional and technical advice. 

Local Service

  • We provide on farm service for CANEGROWERS members. 
  • We offer insurance solutions for specific needs.
  • We are community focused and understand local issues 

We work for you 

  • Access to a broad range of underwriters, both commercial and domestic insurance and underwriting agencies handling special risks.  
  • As a member of Steadfast, we have access to over 200 insurance markets.
  • We provide Rural Insurance but also cover the full range of other products.

Tailored farm products 

  • Quality farm insurance products tailored to your needs.
  • Designed with CANEGROWERS for cane growers.

Not for Profit  

  • We are not for profit - meaning all profits go back into supporting CANEGROWERS members.

Flexible options

  • With CANEGROWERS Insurance you have more flexibility and choice of underwriters and policies.  
  • Your local representatives will source the most suitable policies based on your requirements and budget, and negotiate the best terms for you. 
  • CANEGROWERS Insurance can obtain cover and quotes on your behalf for most of your insurance needs. 

Our products

  • Insurance for your farm and farm vehicles.
  • Commercial, business and liability insurance. 
  • Commercial of private car and machinery cover.
  • Home and landlords insurance.
  • Cover for your boat and caravan.


Call CANEGROWERS Insurance today

CANEGROWERS experienced insurance professionals service all sugarcane regions in Queensland.

 Brad Hancock   

Mossman, Tableland, Cairns, Innisfail, Tully, Proserpine
Brad Hancock  0408 630 426
Authorised Rep No: 1260270
FSG: Mossman, Tableland,
Cairns, Innisfail, Tully, Proserpine

Herbert River
Frank Scardamaglia 0475 818 800 
Authorised Rep No: 1288421
FSG: Herbert River

Racheal de Koning 07 4790 3606
Authorised Rep No: 1242975
FSG: Burdekin


Geoffrey Youngs  0438 787 297
Authorised Rep No: 335071
FSG: Mackay

Kaylah Giddy 07 4944 2615
Authorised Rep No: 426680
FSG: Mackay


Bundaberg, Isis, Maryborough
Ray Goodwin  0418 891 783
Authorised Rep No: 1266334
FSG: Bundaberg, IsisMaryborough

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Rocky Point, Northern NSW
Helle Cook  07 3864 6417
Authorised Rep No: 460445
FSG: Brisbane, Rocky Point


Canegrowers Cairns Region Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Cairns (CAR 429256 | ABN 62 111 567 429)
Mackay Canegrowers Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Mackay (CAR 334899 | ABN 24 111 817 559)
Canegrowers Cairns Region Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Cairns (CAR 429256 | ABN 62 111 567 429)
Herbert River District Cane Growers Organisation Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Herbert River (CAR 429259 | ABN 55 106 007 925)
Tully Cane Growers Ltd T/As CANEGROWERS Tully (CAR 429258 | ABN 13 112 000 414)
Innisfail District Cane Growers Organisation Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Innisfail (CAR 429257 | ABN 11 111 471 124)
Canegrowers Isis Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Isis (CAR 429262 | ABN 69 110 648 041)
Mossman Canegrowers Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Mossman (CAR 429254 | ABN 55 111 943 616)
Proserpine District Canegrowers Co-Operative Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Proserpine (CAR 397943 | ABN 41 948 426 763)
Bundaberg Canegrowers Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Bundaberg (CAR 429261 | ABN 66 110 868 801)
Tableland Canegrowers Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Tablelands (CAR 429255 | ABN 84 114 759 376)
Rocky Point District Cane Growers Organisation Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Rocky Point (CAR 429264 | ABN 32 111 827 251)
Maryborough Canegrowers Limited T/As CANEGROWERS Maryborough (CAR 429263 | ABN 56 111 775 583)
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