Cane to Coast tells growers' story

Cane to Coast tells growers' story

CANEGROWERS believes that Queensland’s cane farmers are doing remarkable things when it comes to protecting and caring for their environment and the reef, so we've launched a new web feature called Cane to Coast.

With the Australian Government’s Reef Programme coming to an end and the Queensland Government proposing further reef regulations which will impact the sugar industry, the time is right to highlight the commitment of growers to Great Barrier Reef water quality.

CANEGROWERS supports a partnership approach to creating a sustainable industry and a healthy Reef.

CEO Dan Galligan says adding more regulations to the sugarcane industry risked alienating farmers and reversing the goodwill that had been created in recent years.

“CANEGROWERS sees regulation as a blunt instrument which leads to minimum compliance and the loss of innovation and excellence,” he said.

“Smartcane BMP is an example of the Queensland Government supporting an industry program that focuses growers on productivity and profitability, together with environmental sustainability, proving that these ideals can go hand in hand.

“The Australian Government’s Reef Program is also a positive example of a government supporting growers with financial incentives to implement best management practices that have proven to benefit the environment and a farmer’s bottom line.

“This is how governments and growers can work collaboratively towards a shared vision.”

The new Cane to Coast website feature was proof of the diverse and long-lasting changes being implemented by Queensland’s cane farmers as part of the Reef Programme.

“We have seen high levels of engagement and personal investment of growers in government reef programs,” Dan Galligan said.

“Cane to Coast is a great way to showcase what a successful partnership between growers, government and industry can look like.

“These are the faces of some of the innovators, the dreamers, the people willing to take a chance and make the changes that will be of benefit to all.

“I would urge both the Queensland and the Australian governments to continue to work with us to develop a sustainable legacy for the future of our sugarcane industry and the Great Barrier Reef.”