Hands-on cane farming classroom

Hands-on cane farming classroom

Six class groups of school children were educated, entertained and got their hands dirty as CANEGROWERS again joined in the RNA’s Rural Discovery Day at Brisbane's RNA Showgrounds in May.

The event involves rural industries and businesses setting up a display and schools booking their groups in for a 20 minute presentation. CANEGROWERS participates each year to help students connect the sugar they're familiar with in bags in the supermarket with the people and processes that get it there.

The underlying message of the CANEGROWERS presentation is that sugar is a natural product grown with skill and care by Queensland farmers.

Students had the opportunity to plant fresh billets in a dirt box and discuss with volunteer growers Lindsay and Samuel Misckhe from the Rocky Point district what they need to grow good sugarcane - sunshine, good soil and water.

The technology and machinery used on farm for land preparation, fertilising, pest protection and harvesting also engaged many of the students.

Tasting cane juice squeezed from a stick was very popular while a video took them from inside a harvester in a paddock through the milling process.

As well as sugar, CANEGROWERS staff and growers talked to the school groups about the uses of bagasse, mill mud and other products such as ethanol and garden mulch.

The first-hand knowledge of Lindsay and Samuel was in demand as the students, parents and teachers asked questions about the crop cycle, yields, cane burning and many more topics.

CANEGROWERS appreciates the Mischke family's ongoing enthusiasm for and contribution to Rural Discovery Day.

L-R Matt Kealley, CANEGROWERS Environment and
Sustainability Manager, Jade from Beenleigh SS,Samuel
Mischke, Tristan from Bundaberg Central SS and
Lindsay Mischke
The CANEGROWERS display ready for eager students