LETTER to the Editor - Big brother warning for farm sector

LETTER to the Editor - Big brother warning for farm sector

Big brother warning to farm sector

In the Queensland Government’s proposed new laws to regulate farm practice in Great Barrier Reef catchments is a plan that should be sending chills through our state’s agricultural sector.

In the Minister’s own words, the bill that she introduced to State Parliament this week will “provide a regulation-making power about collecting data from the agricultural sector”.

That’s referring to data from agronomists, productivity services, chemical and fertiliser companies and resellers and just about anyone else that interacts with a farmer going about their business of producing food or fibre.

Are you ready for farm police to demand your purchase or sales records, the advice you’ve given to farmers and the conversations you’ve had?

CANEGROWERS is strongly opposing this new round of regulation on our industry – it’s a kick in the guts with a follow-through of added bureaucratic intrusion.

Cane growers work for the future of the Reef every day in the decisions we make on our farms. 70% of our farmland is part of our industry best management practice program and more and more of us are voluntarily becoming accredited as operating at or above industry standard.

And we are doing this as we run productive businesses that support our families, contribute to our communities and help underpin the Queensland state economy through export income.

We take our responsibilities seriously. We ask the Queensland Parliament to take our commitment seriously and reject this bill.

Paul Schembri

1 March 2019