Poster prize at ASSCT

Poster prize at ASSCT

CANEGROWERS has won a prize for a poster and presentation at the 2018 Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists conference in Mackay in April.

The poster, called A nitrogen roadmap - better alignment of N inputs to crop requirements, won the Best Agricultural Poster and Poster Presentation Award.

The poster depicts a project that CANEGROWERS has been leading on behalf of members since 2013.

The nitrogen roadmap is the result of CANEGROWERS bringing together the divergent views, opinions, science, trials and research on nitrogen in the sugarcane industry.

In February 2014, a forum was held in Townsville which led to further workshops, leveraged investment and targeted research on identified gaps.

It resulted in the production of the Sugar Research Australia report A review of Nitrogen Use Efficiency in sugarcane and a willingness for industry, government and researchers to collaborate.

The nitrogen roadmap and the Six Easy Steps toolbox was the result of CANEGROWERS bringing the stakeholders together to ensure growers could refine their nutrition program, increase their productios and reduce their impact to the environment and the Great Barrier Reef.  

For the ASSCT conference, the CANEGROWERS team of Matt Kealley, Burn Ashburner, Mick Quirk and Jacqui Segond pulled all of the technical content together into a compelling and unique poster design.

The poster was presented at the conference by Matt Kealley, who’s musical delivery was a little different to what is usually done at these types of events. Congratulations!