Sugarcane's economic contribution to Queensland

Sugarcane's economic contribution to Queensland

The Queensland sugarcane industry is a powerhouse supporting regional communities and the state economy. A report, commissioned by CANEGROWERS, has captured the sizeable economic, employment and other contributions that sugarcane growing makes.

For every $1.00 of economic activity
in sugarcane growing, an additional $6.40
in economic activity is generated elsewhere
in the economy.

The report highlights that sugarcane farming...

  • supports nearly $1.1 billion in economic activity each year,
  • provides more than 9,800 direct jobs and $379 million in wages and incomes,
  • underpins a value chain worth approximately $4 billion in economic activity each year,
  • enables more than 23,650 value chain jobs providing $1.36 billion in wages and income, and
  • contributes to around $1.1 billion in taxation revenue to federal, state, and local governments from the sugar industry value chain.

This report lifts the lid on the scale and extent of the sugarcane industry supply chain and how it is the foundation of many regional communities. In the Ingham and Ayr regions the sugar industry value chain supports nearly one-in-three jobs. This includes employment in sugar mills, transport operators, agricultural contractors, business services and suppliers of fuel, fertiliser, machinery and other products and services.


to download a PDF of The economic contribution of the Sugarcane Industry to Queensland and its regional communities report.