LETTER to the Editor - Time to get real about backing farmers

LETTER to the Editor - Time to get real about backing farmers

Coronavirus has delivered a stark reminder to governments and consumers alike about the importance of our food supply chains.

These supply chains start with farmers in paddocks working day by day to grow crops. That’s what they’re doing now right across Queensland - continuing to work hard and produce food (and fibre) to feed (and clothe) us all.

But many of them are doing this in a climate of crippling irrigation electricity costs. Costs that have risen 130% over the past decade and continue to go up.

The announcement from the Queensland Government about power prices this week provides them with no joy or relief.

The Queensland Competition Authority draft report to the Queensland Government proposes electricity price cuts of 5% or more for household and small businesses.

But there is NOTHING in the report that suggests there will be any relief from the costly tariffs most commonly used by farmers when pumping water for crops.

It’s time for government to get real about supporting agriculture, including irrigated agriculture and they can do so by reducing the charges they control for electricity and water.

Do the right thing by farmers across the state and ensure irrigators share in the foreshadowed electricity price cuts for regional Queensland!

Dan Galligan