BMP delivers a sweet future

BMP delivers a sweet future
October 4 2018

CANEGROWERS has welcomed the commitment of the Queensland Government to the future of the sugarcane industry and the Great Barrier Reef through its support of the best management practice program, Smartcane BMP.

“The signing of a new four-year agreement between industry and government is a positive and exciting development,” said CANEGROWERS CEO Dan Galligan. “We are great believers in partnerships as the best way to achieve multiple goals.

“Smartcane BMP and the farmers managing the 70% of the state’s cane area who are involved in the program are building pride and confidence in the sugarcane industry, meeting community environmental expectations and creating a vital market edge for Queensland’s sustainably grown export sugar,” Mr Galligan said.

Smartcane BMP is helping CANEGROWERS build vital partnerships in the international sugar market because the program recognises and supports growers working towards environmental sustainability.

“Customers from food manufacturers to refiners are now recognising Smartcane BMP as a standard they can trust as they meet market expectations for sustainably produced food,” Mr Galligan said.

“Through the support of the government, the program is also securing the future of the vibrant regional communities that rely on the sugarcane industry.”
CANEGROWERS congratulates each and every one of the growers behind the 328 farm businesses which have achieved accreditation via an independent audit in the core modules of the program.

“Accredited growers are managing 77,497 hectares of cane crops, much of it in the Wet Tropics areas directly adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef,” Mr Galligan said.

“I encourage all of the other growers who are currently working towards that goal to be proud of what they’ve already achieved and to make positive and ambitious plans for the future of their farm and industry.

“This welcome funding from the Queensland Government will ensure the Smartcane BMP regional resources being managed by CANEGROWERS – staff and expertise – are available to all growers.”