Growers applaud Mossman Mill purchase

Growers applaud Mossman Mill purchase
July 8 2019

The members and leadership of CANEGROWERS are applauding their colleagues who supply Mossman Mill for taking control of their futures in securing ownership of this vital piece of industry infrastructure.

Through the company Far Northern Milling Pty Ltd, the mill is returning to grower control.

“I am full of admiration for the drive and determination of the growers in this far northern region,” CANEGROWERS Chairman Paul Schembri said. “In particular, I want to acknowledge the Far Northern Milling Board led by Maryann Salvetti which has worked through a long a difficult process.

“The growers of the Mossman and Tableland regions have dreamt big, committed their money and are now seeing this deal become a reality.

“Their vision to develop a bio-precinct in the town is providing leadership for their community. It will have far-reaching impacts and secure their farms as suppliers of feedstock for new products such as bioplastics.”

CANEGROWERS thanks the Queensland and Australian governments, the Douglas Shire Council and every supporter who has assisted to get this deal over the line.

“With the purchase of Mossman Mill by Far Northern Milling, Mackay Sugar is now able to proceed with securing Nordzucker AG, one of Europe’s largest sugar businesses, as a substantial investor,” Mr Schembri said. “Mackay region growers will soon vote on that transaction.

“Positive outcomes for the milling assets in these two important cane-growing regions will be a boost of confidence for growers as we work through a difficult harvest season.

“Weather impacts, drought in the south and dry conditions followed by floods in the north, mean that tonnages and quality for the 2019 crush have been affected.”