Business Essentials

Business Essentials

Cane growers manage their farm businesses in one of the world’s most volatile commodity price environments.
Growers are also exposed to production risks arising from weather events such as drought and cyclones and from an ever-increasing regulatory burden and tightening environmental controls.

What is CANEGROWERS Business Essentials?

CANEGROWERS, with funding from the government Farm Business Resilience Program, is developing a suite of professional development opportunities for growers. The objective will be to provide tools that growers can use to deliver greater profitability and therefore business resilience.

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The program will be delivered face to face over two days, with some online presentations at regional locations.

CANEGROWERS Business Essentials is tailor-made to assist growers to:

  • complete a resilience self-assessment based on Smartcane BMP 
  • better understand and interpret financial reports, budgets and costs of production
  • better understand risk and more specifically factors that influence commodity (sugar) prices 
  • devise strategies to manage risk including price fluctuations 
  • understand forward pricing and other emerging technologies and marketing tools 
  • develop a plan to manage the risks as far as possible.


Want to attend a local workshop or learn more?

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Dates and Locations


ROCKY POINT - Tues 21 and Wed 22 June (completed)
CAIRNS - Thurs 26 and Fri 27 May (completed)
PROSERPINE - Tues 10 and Wed 11 May (completed)
BURDEKIN - Wed 27 and Thurs 28 April (completed)
MACKAY - Tues 29 and Wed 30 March (completed)
HERBERT RIVER - Tues 22 and Wed 23 March (completed)
TULLY - Tues 8 and Wed 9 March (completed)
INNISFAIL - Tues 22 and Wed 23 February (completed)

Cost:       $110 (including GST) per participant

Eligibility: You're eligible if you are a cane grower, cane grower family member or work on a cane farm and are a permanent resident of Queensland



This program is jointly funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.