Legal services

Legal services

CANEGROWERS offers members access to free, initial legal advice with CANEGROWERS Legal Adviser, Chris Cooper.

This advice can cover issues including property transactions, native title claims, easements, dividing fences, trespass, aerial spraying, machinery performance, disputes with mills and safety.

Chris Cooper has been CANEGROWERS legal consultant since 1983 and regularly travels to all sugarcane regions. In some matters, where there are ongoing legal services required, and where the issue in question might be helpful as a test case or precedent for CANEGROWERS or other growers, Chris can provide legal services free to growers as part of his retainer agreement with CANEGROWERS.

Chris Cooper also writes regular articles for Australian Canegrower magazine.
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Contact Chris Cooper, solicitor and principal of C.J. Cooper and Associates, via your local CANEGROWERS office or call Free Call 1800 177 159 for free initial legal advice.